Announcement of extending CNY holidays until Feb. 09th, 2020 on behalf of subsidiary (Chinese version) 2020/01/31
Announcement of top 10 share holder relationship list (Chinese Version) 2020/01/14
Announcement of providing loans to others on behalf of subsidiary (Chinese version) 2019/12/16
Announcement of FY2019Q2 consolidated financial report (Chinese version) 2019/08/20
Announcement of 2018 Annual report_revised version (Chinese version) 2019/07/30
Important decisions on shareholders' meeting on 6/18/2019 (Chinese version) 2019/06/25
Announcement for FY2019Q1 consolidated financial report (Chinese version) 2019/05/14
Announcement for Shareholders' meeting affairs_supplemented(Chinese version) 2019/05/14
Announcement of endorsement for subsidiary company in China(Chinese version) 2019/03/05
Announcement of deficit compensation approved by the board of directors(Chinese version) 2019/03/05
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