PT16972 is a 4-channel constant current LED driver with DC-DC controller using buck-boost topology and operating over a switching frequency range from 200kHz to 2.1MHz.  An output voltage up to 36V is supported.  The output current range is externally programmable from 10mA to 100mA per channel.  When channel current is ≥20mA, current matching precision can reach ±1%.


High PWM dimming ratio of 2500:1 may be achieved through internal fast response time of 2μs.  The PT16972 allows detecting and managing of open and short LED faults.  In addition, the PT16972 provides output over-voltage protection and thermal shutdown protection and includes two fault-indication pins to permit differentiation between failure modes.

The PT16972 may be applied to automotive navigation LCD panel backlight, desktop and notebook LCD panel backlight, and PDA panel backlight applications.


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