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DC-DC Converter IC
.Power Supply
.Microprocessor Core Supply
.Telecom Equipment
.ADSL Modem
.Portable Electronic Product Power Supply
.Printer and Other Peripheral Equipment
Asynchronous DC-DC Buck Converters
Part No.CharacterVIN (V)VOUT(V)Output Current (A)Switching Freq (Typ.)Feedback Voltage (V)Efficiency (Max.) (%)ProtectionPin CountPackageData Sheet
PT3736Non-Synchronous DC-DC Buck Converter12 ~ 901.25 ~ 202.1150KHz1.2390OTP/ OCP/ UVLO7TO-220 
PT3754High Power/High Efficiency PoE Interface and DC/DC Controller37 ~ 57-0.97Programable-90OTP/ OCP/UVLO20HTSSOP 
PT3756Current Mode Boost Controller4.5 ~ 52--Programable0.790OTP/ OCP/ UVLO10



RS2596Non-Synchronous DC-DC Buck Converter4.5~4.01.23~373150KHz1.2385OTP/OCP/UVLO5TO-263Download
RS6501Non-Synchronous DC-DC Buck Converter4.5~401.23~372150KHz1.2385OTP/OCP/UVLO8SOPDownload
RS6512Non-Synchronous DC-DC Buck Converter4.75~201.23~182400KHz1.2393OTP/OCP/UVLO8SOPDownload
RS6513Non-Synchronous DC-DC Buck Converter3.6~200.8~162350KHz0.890OTP/OCP/UVLO8SOPDownload
RS8016Synchronous DC-DC Buck Converter2.7~5.50.6~
RS8017Synchronous DC-DC Buck Converter2.7~5.50.6~
RS8407Synchronous DC-DC Buck Converter2.7~5.50.6~5.521.5MHz0.695OTP/OCP/UVLO5SOT-23Download
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