Released LED Headlight/Taillight Driver IC; LED Driver IC for Car Cluster; DC Motor Driver IC
        Released China’s shared bike Electronic Lock Driver IC; Portable Karaoke Microphone Driver IC; 
           Gamming Mouse with a Single Chip
        Received G3-PLC Certification for PLC SoC
        Released USB2.0 MCU with Full Speed OTG function
        Released Printer Head Driver IC; Head-up Display Driver IC
       Established a New Subsidiary in  Chengdu, China
       Released Power Line Communication SoC; BLDC Motor Driver IC
       Released Power IC ; High Voltage Gate Driver IC


      Released PWM Constant-Current Stepping Motor Driver IC; Multi-function LCD Segment Driver IC

    Release TFT LCD Driver IC; LED Driver IC for Automotive Brake Light; LED Driver IC for Automotive Multimedia Backlight



Increased paid-in capital to NTD 1,807M


Released LED Sign Board IC, LED/VFD Front Panel Control Driver IC, Motor Driver IC for DV




Released USB/SD Host Audio Decoder; Linear Dimming Ballast Controller; Auto Focus Motor Driver; Electro Phoretic Driver IC




Increased paid-in capital to NTD 1,789M


Released High Power LED Driver IC; Class-D Audio Amp.+ Audio Processor IC




Increased paid-in capital to NTD 1,609M


Released GPS IC; USB Speaker Controller IC




Obtained ISO/TS16949 Certificate


Ranked 8 on the list of IC design companies in terms of the number of patents


Released Digital Video Processor ICs; Digital Tuning System IC; Servo Motor Controller; Dimming Ballast Controller IC




Merged with a RF business and established office in Hsin-Chu, Taiwan


Increased paid-in capital to NTD 1,509M


Released Class-D Audio Amplifier; Electronic Ballast; Motor Driver for Digital Still Camera; RF IC




Increased paid-in capital to NTD 1,389M


Released 135x65 OLED Driver IC; Reverse Sensor IC; AV Switch IC; Lip Sync IC; MP3 Decoder IC within USB 2.0 Interface; 2W Class-AB Audio Amplifier IC; Radio Data System Demodulator IC  




Released LED Sign Board IC; White LED Driver IC; Battery Charger IC; Dolby Digital Decoder IC;  USB MCU IC




Awarded ISO 14001:1996 and OHSAS 18001:1999 IPO


Established Subsidiary in Shenzhen, China


Released MP3 Encoder IC; 1 Watt Power Amplifier IC; TV Audio Processor IC; I/O Expander + DAC; 25W Class-D Audio Amplifier IC




Awarded ISO 9001:2000 Certificate IPO


Listing on Taiwan Stock Exchange (Taiwan OTC)


Released 128x64 OLED Driver IC; Motor Servo IC; MP3 Decoder IC;  AC3 Decoder IC; 160x160 OLED Driver IC; RDS Decoder IC




Established branch office in Hong Kong


Released 70V 128-Bit VFD Driver IC; 16 Bit Audio Sigma-Delta D/A Converter IC; 6 Channel Audio Processor IC; Video Switch IC;  36 Channel 8-Bit D/A Converter IC; 1/3 Duty LCD Driver IC; 64x48 OLED Driver IC




New R&D office established in Hsin-Chu, Taiwan


Released Data Bank Processor IC;  VFD Driver/Controller ICs; OLED Driver IC; 8-Bit MCU ICs




Increased paid-in capital to NTD 350M to purchase new equipments


Released Programmable Rolling Code Encoder IC; Echo Processor IC; Echo IC With Built-In Microphone Amplifier & Output Mixer; VFD Driver/Controller IC; Preset Equalizer/3D Effect IC




Released Electronic Volume Controller IC; Remote Control IC; Digital Echo/Surround Processor IC; 16-Bit Audio DAC




Established new facility house at Baociao Rd.(Sindian)


Headquarters moved to Baociao Rd.(Sindian)




Increased paid-in capital to NTD 125M to establish new IC testing facility




Raised fund amount of NTD 40M




Established Intergrated Circuit Department


Headquarter moved to Dunhua N. Rd.(Taipei)


Aggrandized IC design equipments and accepted IC design orders consigned by special customers


Raised fund amount of NTD 50M




Established as Princeton Technology Corp. (PTC) with paid-in capital NTD 10M at Anhe Rd., Taipei, Taiwan


Focused on distributing and selling IC & peripheral for PC

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