Motor Driver IC


Over the past decade, PTC has focused on the development of Motor Driver ICs and the original products in this category were the Voice Coil Motor (VCM) Driver IC and various Motor Driver ICs for DLSR cameras. The product line was extended to feature DC and Stepping Motor Driver ICs, and recently has included Brushless DC (BLDC) Motor Driver ICs such as a High-Voltage (600V) Gate Driver IC, BLDC Driver IC, BLDC Controller IC, and an MCU-based Controller IC. Motor Driver ICs are currently used in many applications including toys, home appliances, consumer electronics, and industrial control systems. PTC has made every effort to offer a comprehensive product line to provide superior solutions to system integrators.


In an environmentally-conscious effort to contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions for the betterment of the planet, PTC actively strives to provide customers with high performance, low cost IC solutions to meet the world-wide demand for green energy products. More information about each of our Motor Driver ICs is available by selecting the links provided on this page.