Most Professional Multimedia IC design company. Top 1 VFD IC in China

Among more than 300 employees, our R&D team is composed of more than 120 people and is responsible for the development of IC designs, application and system engineering, with an emphasis on continuous innovation and a never-ending pursuit for excellence.

The most valuable assets of Princeton Technology Corp. are our innovative employees. We are committed to providing the best working environment for employees' innovation and self-actualization.

The operative strategy of Princeton is "to gain an absolute advantage in the niche market," and then to focus on markets such as multimedia and audio/video for consumer ICs. Instead of emphasizing the importance of single functions, we pursue the balanced development of all functions. Teamwork is essential for achieving this goal.

Looking into the future, Princeton Technology Corp. will continue to develop products in the field of multimedia audio/video equipment and we wish to make people's lives more convenient, comfortable, and enjoyable with our R&D department's achievements and innovative technologies.


How to Apply:
Please send your resume to:104@princeton.com.tw


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