VFD Driver / Controller IC

.Set-Top Box
․BD/VCD/DVD Players
․Digital Audio/Video Equipment (i.e. AV Power Amplifier)
․Electronic Equipment with VFD Clock Display
․Electric Scale Meter
․Electronic Equipment with Instructional Display


Note: PT6355 provides 6-channel A/D which can be used as Key inputs.

Part No.SegmentGrid/DigitLogic/Drive Voltage (V)Key MatrixGeneral Purpose Input PortGeneral Purpose Output PortLED PortPin CountPackage
PT6311B12~2016~83.0 ~ 5.5/VDD-35 (Max.)12 x 44-552LQFP
PT6312B 11~1611~63.0 ~ 5.5/VDD-35 (Max.)6 x 44-444LQFP
PT6313-S 8~128~43.0 ~ 5.5/VDD-35 (Max.)8 x 2---28SOP
PT6315 16~2412~43.0 ~ 5.5//VDD-35 (Max.)16 x 2--444LQFP
PT6315-S8~128~43.0 ~ 5.5/VDD-35 (Max.)8 x 2---28SOP
PT6324 24162.7~5.0/VDD-35 (Max.)16 x 2---52LQFP
PT6355 16 ~ 1810 ~ 74.5 ~ 5.5 (typ.)/VDD-35 (Max.)see Note-8-44LQFP
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