Gate Driver IC

.Air Condition

.Washing Machine

.3-Phase Motor Inverter Driver


Part No.VCC Power Supply (V)PhaseVoffsetShut-Down/ResetInput LogicDead TimePin CountPackgeData Sheet
PT560612~151600V-HIN, LINB500ns8SOPDownload
PT560712~151600V-HIN, LIN500ns8SOPDownload
PT561612~153600VvHIN, LIN500ns28, 32SOPDownload
PT5616A12~153600VvHINB, LINB300ns28SOPDownload
PT561712~153600V-HIN, LIN230ns20, 24, 28SOPDownload
PT561810~203200VvHIN, LIN600ns20, 24TSSOPDownload
PT56195.5 ~ 18390VvHIN, LIN500ns20/24, 24TSSOP, QFNDownload
PT56205.5 ~ 181100VvHIN/LINAdj10MSOP 
PT56714.5 ~ 32332V-HIN, LIN100ns20TSSOP, QFNDownload
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