Mid-Voltage Stepping Motor Driver IC

CCTV, Security


AF Function for Mobile Phone, Web/IP Camera

Medical Equipment

Office Automation Machine

Amusement Machine

Part No.VCC (V)VM (V)CHMax. Current (A)ControlOther FeatureInput Mode/Motor ExcitationPin CountPackgeData Sheet
PT24652.7 - 5.52.5 - 1621.2CLK-INUVOL, TSD2-Phase/1-2 Phase W1-2/2W1-220TSSOPDownload
PT24742.7 ~ 5.52.5 ~ 1620.8ParallelUVLO, TSDEN/IN, IN/IN10SOPDownload
PT24842.7 - 5.52.5 - 1620.8ParallelUVOL, TSDIN1/IN2/IN3/IN410SOPDownload
PT5139-2.7 ~ 1520.7IN/INUVOL, TSD, OCPIN/IN16QFN, TSSOP, HTSSOPDownload
PT5139A-2.7 ~ 1520.7IN/INUVOL, TSD, OCPIN/IN16QFN, TSSOP, HTSSOPDownload
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