Three Phase BLDC/PMSM Motor Solution

.3-Phase BLDC/PMSM Motor

.Fan for Home Appliance

.Small Pump

Part No.Input Logic (V)VDD (V)Max. Current(mA)IC TypeSensor / SensorlessSpeed ControlOther FeaturePin CountPackageData Sheet
PT24310 ~ 55~12800Controller + DriverSensorlessPWMOCP, TSD, Look Protection16HTSSOPDownload
PT24320 ~ 56 ~ 151,500Controller + DriverSensorlessPWM or DCOCP, TSD, Lock Protection16HTSSOPDownload
PT2432A0 ~ 520 ~ 28800Controller + DriverSensorlessPWM or DCOCP, TSD, Look Protection16HTSSOPDownload
PT24340 ~ 511 ~185ControllerSensorlessPWM or DCOCP, TSD, Lock Protection28SSOPDownload

Hall Sensor IC

Hall Element

PWM or DCSinewave, Parameters Setting (OTP)28SSOPDownload
PT25020 ~ 56 ~245ControllerSensorlessPWM or DCParameters Setting (OTP)28SSOPDownload
PT25050 ~ 56 ~ 245ControllerHall Sensor IC
Hall Element
PWM or DCParameters Setting (OTP)24SSOPDownload
PT2511*0 ~ 57 ~ 281500Controller + DriverSensorPWM or DCParameters Setting (OTP)28, 48HTSSOP, QFN 
PT25810 ~ 3.33.340ControllerSensor/SensorlessSPI, DC, PWMFOC Sinewave48LQFPDownload
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