Multiple Function Audio Amplifier
.Dock Speaker for Portable Player
.PDA, Electronic Dictionary
.Multi-Media Speaker
.Portable Audio System
.Flat Panel Display and TV
Part No.Power Supply (V)ChannelTHD (%) @1VSNR (dB)Output Power (W)Min. Load ImpedanceSpecial FeaturePin CountPackageData Sheet
PT2307 2~6

HP: 2

AMP: 1

9018Mic Amp., Volume, Input Mux, Headphone Volume Trim, Shutdown24TSSOPDownload
PT2334 3.7~620.5892416bits DAC, Volume, Tone, Input Mux, Headphone Driver48LQFPDownload
PT2335 3~620.18924Volume, Tone, Input Mux, Loudness, Selectable Clock, Input Gain48LQFPDownload
PT2337 3~620.58924Volume, Input Mux, Tone48LQFPDownload
PT2369 3~620.05952.63Volume, Shutdown, Headphone Driver24HTSSOPDownload
PT2830 7~13.820.195106Volume, Tone, Input Mux, Shutdown48LQFPDownload
PT28113~620.28934Single-Ended & Differential Input, Input Gain, Input Mux, Smooth Volume, Tone, Built-in RF Noise Filter48LQFPDownload
PT28123~60.28934Single-Ended & Differential Input, Input Gain, Input Mux, Smooth Volume, Built-in RF Noise Filter32QFNDownload
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