Equality in the workplace

  • The recruitment, promotion and remuneration of our employees are based on their job category, academic experience, professional knowledge and skills, professional experience and personal performance, and do not differ based on age, gender, race and other factors.
  • The company integrates gender balance into all human resources practices. In 2023, the average ratio of female employees to all employees was 39.9%, and the ratio of female supervisors was 30%. It continues to promote gender balance to make the best decisions and innovations, and improve employee satisfaction.


Learning and Development

"Human development" is the main key for enterprises to enhance their competitiveness, and "talent training" is the most valuable and important investment for enterprises. PTC establishes diversified learning opportunities, cultivates independent learning abilities, creates a learning environment that is willing to share, and provides generous learning subsidies to assist colleagues in growing their work skills, giving full play to their work performance, and creating unlimited possibilities for work development and promotion opportunities.