Corporate Governance Officer

The Company, approved by the board of directors on May 4, 2023, has appointed Spokesperson and CFO, Jade Hu, as the corporate governance officer to be in charge of corporate governance affairs. The main duties of corporate governance officer include handling of matters relating to board of directors meetings and shareholders meetings in compliance with law, preparation of minutes of the board of directors meetings and shareholders meetings, assistance in onboarding and continuing education of the directors, provision of information required for performance of duties by the directors, assistance in the directors' compliance of law. 


FY2023 Corporate governance implementation

  1. Supervising the convening notice, providing meeting information and preparing meeting minutes for shareholders’ meetings and board of directors’ meetings.
  2. Assisting in onboarding and continuous development of directors.
  3. Assisting the independent directors in their communication with the internal audit officer, CPAs or related business executives.
  4. Assisting the directors in providing information and related laws and regulations necessary for them to carry out duties.
  5. Evaluating and taking out suitable liability insurance for directors and managers.
  6. Supervising the Company in the operation and enforcement of corporate governance.


Professional training of corporate governance officer for 2023




Training Hours


Securities and Futures Institute, ROC

Challenges and opportunities of sustainable development path and introduction to greenhouse gas inventory



Securities and Futures Institute, ROC

Understand circular economy and governance



Taiwan Corporate Governance Assoication

The roles and responsibilities of the board of directors/senior managers in ESG governance