Board of Directors

PTC attaches great importance to the diversity of board members. In order to reinforce corporate governance and promote sound development of board composition and structure, the capabilities that the board of directors should possess as specified in Article 20 of the Company's "Corporate Governance Code" are as follows:  1. Business judgment ability, 2. Accounting and financial analysis ability, 3. Management ability, 4. Crisis handling ability, 5. Industry knowledge, 6. Global market perspectives, 7. Leadership, and 8. Decision-making ability.

Directors’ Biographies




Major Experience

Current Position


Chang-An Chiang

Department of Electrophysics, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University

Marketing Manager, UMC

Chairman and President of PTC


Taihsin Co., Ltd. Representative:

Wei-Ru Zhang

Department of Tourism,

Ming Chuan University


Taiwan-Asia Semiconductor Corp.


Foresight Tech. Corp.


Taihsin Co., Ltd. Representative:

Lin Zhong

Master of Department of Architecture,



Kuan Xu Interior Decoration Co., Ltd.


Zhonglin Architects Office


National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University Representative: Wei-Kuo Chen

Ph.D., Institute of Electrical Engineering, State University of New York at Buffalo

Chairman, Department of Electronics, National Yang Ming Chiao

Professor, Department of Electrophysics, National Yang Ming Tung University

Independent Director

Yu-Feng Ma

Ph.D., Business Administration, National Taipei University

Officer of Economic Research,

Central Bank

Assistant Professor, Department of Business Administration, St. John's University

Independent Director

Hsueh-Min Wu

Master of Commerce, University of Chicago

Vice President,

Dachan Great Wall Group. Auditing Dept.


Independent Director

Yi-Chen Tsai

Master of Commerce, Ohio University

CFO and Spokesperson, Saiyan Genomics

Independent Director, AVTECH Corp.

Independent Director

Zhi-Ling Chen

Master of Accounting,

National Cheng-Chi University

Auditing member of Taipei CPA association.

CPA of Nexia Sunrise Accounting Firm


Performance Evaluation of Board of Directors

PTC has established directors’ performance evaluation system. The board of directors approved the " Performance Evaluation System for Directors and Functional Committees" in FY2021 to encourage the Board and functional committee members’ self-invigoration, thereby enhancing the operational effectiveness of the Board and functional committees. Internal performance evaluation is conducted in the first quarter of next year, and the evaluation results were submitted to the Board in the first quarter of next year.
The internal evaluation results of FY2022 for Board of Directors, Audit Committee and Compensation Committee were "Excellent" and have been reported to the Board of Directors on March 1, 2023. They are operating well in improving the quality of the Board's decision-making and the directors' participation in the company's operations.

Implementation of Board and Functional Committee Evaluation

Evaluation Cycle

Evaluation Period

Scope of assessment

Evaluate Method

Evaluation Content

Run once a year


Performance Evaluation of Board and Individual Board Members and Functional Committees

Internal self-evaluation of the board and self-evaluation of the members of the Directors

  1. Evaluating Board Performance: Engagement of the Company's Operations, Quality of Board Decisions, Composition and Structure of the Board, Election of Directors, Continuous Education and Internal Control
  2. Performance evaluation of individual Directors: mastery of company goals and tasks, awareness of Directors' responsibilities, participation in company operations, internal relationship management and communication, professional and continuous development of Directors and internal control
  3. Performance evaluation of the functional committee: the degree of participation in the operation of the company, awareness of functional committee responsibilities, enhance the quality of decision-making of functional committees, the composition of functional committees and member selection and internal control


Board Diversity

To strengthen the operation of the Board of Directors and functions “Board Diversity”, the company has a diversified and professional Board of Directors composed of experts and scholars with industry, accounting, business and investment. The Board members have industry experience, covering operation judgment, corporate governance and management Professional areas such as risk management and sustainability management.

Board of Directors 8 seats, including 1 natural person Director, 3 Corporate Directors and 4 Independent Directors, Diversified composition, with different core competencies, Independent Directors with different professional background, effectively undertaking their duties, including establishing a good board governance system and guiding the company management The hierarchy is committed to maximizing Stakeholder equity by strengthening management functions and overseeing the overall operating conditions of the company.

Board members are diversified according to their academic experience, professional field and related background:


Succession planning for board members and important management

  1. Succession planning of board members

The Board will adopt a candidate nomination process for the election of directors, with which the duration of term for all Directors is three years. The election of directors shall be handled in accordance with the Company's "Director Election Measures", unless otherwise provided by laws or regulations.
The selection of directors of the company should consider the overall configuration of the board of directors, and the composition of directors should consider diversification, and develop appropriate diversification policies based on their own operations, operating types and development needs. As for independent directors, they must have work experience required for business, legal affairs, finance, accounting, or company business. The company will appoint independent directors in accordance with law to strengthen corporate governance.

      2.Succession planning for important management

The managers of the company are important management members who have the necessary professional skills and experience and are responsible for organizational management, operation management and other related businesses.
In order to cultivate successor candidates for managers, in addition to improve the professional and management capabilities of potential successors through training mechanisms, we also assign project tasks, job representation, and arrange to participate in important internal operation and management meetings for practical training, and conduct regular performance appraisals and annual interview mechanism.

Assessing the independence and competency of CPA

PTC's board of directors has evaluated the independence and competency of the certified accountants with reference to the Audit Quality Indicators (AQIs) on May 4, 2023. It is expected to conduct regular evaluations once a year. The evaluation procedures and specific evaluation standards are as follows:

1. Professionalism

  • Audit experience and seniority of CPAs, case quality control review (EQCR) accountants and auditors, and the proportion of personnel at the audit department
  • Training hours for CPAs and management level or above
  • Turnover rate and professional support.

2. Quality control

  • CPA load: the number of public companies for CPA serve as chief signers, and the proportion of CPAs’ available working hours.
  • Proportion of auditing hours at each stage and level
  • Case quality control review situation: EQCR accountant’s proportion of review hours

3. Independence

  • Fee proportion for non-audit services for audit cases
  • The cumulative number of years the audit cases have been issued by the firm’s annual financial report
  • Declaration of independence from CPAs and auditors

4. Supervision

  • External inspection deficiencies and penalties: number of quality control deficiencies, average number of deficiencies in audit cases and punishment cases
  • Proportion of improvement letters issued by competent authorities

5. Innovation ability

  • Promote audit digitization
  • Upgrade information security
  • Talent management and development
  • Risk management and control

Major Resolutions

1. Implementation of important resolutions of Shareholders' Meeting in 2022



Review of implementation

  1. Recognized the Company's 2021 annual business report and the list of final statements
  2. Adoption of the Proposal for 2021 Deficit Compensation
  3. Discuss the amendments to part of the Company's “Procedures for Acquisition or Disposal of Assets”.
  4. Discuss the amendments to some of the Company's Articles of Association.
  5. Amendment to the Rules of Procedure for Shareholder Meetings
  6. Discuss the amendments to the Company's “Election Method for Directors”.
  1. The related operation was performed.
  2. The related operation was performed.
  3. The related operation was performed.
  4. The related operation was performed.
  5. The related operation was performed.
  6. The related operation was performed.


2. Important Board of Directors Resolutions for the year 2022




9th meeting of 12th term

  1. 2021 Statement on Internal Control System
  2. Passes Amendments to part of the “Procedures for Acquisition or Disposal of Assets”.
  3. Amendments to the Articles of Incorporation are passed.
  4. Passed 2022 Annual Accountant verification visa public fee.
  5. Recognized 2021 financial statements and consolidated financial statements.
  6. Admit 2021 Annual Loss Allocations.
  7. Through the 2021 annualcompensation distribution of employees and Directors.
  8. Passed the 2022 annual operation plan.
  9. The date, place and motion of the 2022 Annual General Shareholders' Meeting were passed.


10th meeting of 12th term

  1. Amendments to some provisions of the Rules of Conduct for Shareholders' Meeting were passed.
  2. Amendments to some provisions of the “Directors' Election Method”are passed.
  3. Amendments to some provisions of the Rules of Directors' Meeting are passed.
  4. Passed the 2022 Annual Business Report.
  5. Revised the date, location and motion of the 2022 Annual General Shareholders' Meeting.


12th meeting of 12th term

  1. Passed the 2023 Annual audit plan.
  2. Through the 2022 year Manager key performance indicators and measurement mechanism.
  3. Passed the 2022 annual performance appraisal and year-end bonus issuance.
  4. Renewed through the current year's bank quota.
  5. By adding “Internal Critical Information Handling Procedures”.
  6. By replacing the accountant case.


13th meeting of 12th term

  1. 2022 Statement on Internal Control System
  2. Passed 2023 Annual Accountant verification visa public fee.
  3. Recognition of the financial statements of the year 2022 and the consolidated financial statements.
  4. Recognitionof the 2022 year surplus distribution.
  5. Passed the 2022 annual compensation distribution case for employees and Directors.
  6. Passed the company's Second-tier subsidiary Princeton Technology Corporation Chuangzhi (Chengdu). Princeton Technology Corporation to China Merchants Bank financing loan case.
  7. Pass the case of change of Directors.
  8. Passes the removal of a ban on competition for new Directors and their representatives.
  9. Amendments to some provisions of the Rules of Directors' Meeting were passed.
  10. Passed the 2023 annual operation plan.
  11. The date, place and motion of the 2023 Annual General Shareholders' Meeting were passed.


14th meeting of 12th term

  1. To pass some amendments to the internal control system and internal audit implementation rules “Management on Prevention of Insider Trading”.
  2. Adopted the Corporate Governance Code of Practice.
  3. By setting up corporate governance supervisor case.
  4. By setting up the case of information security supervisors.
  5. Pass the Visa Accountant independence assessment.
  6. Passes investment in mainland China.
  7. Through Second-tier subsidiaries to increase the loan and extend the loan period.
  8. Passed the 2023 Annual Business Report.
  9. Approval of nomination and consideration of candidates for Directors and independent Directors.