Remuneration policy

  • PTC's articles of association stipulate that if there is a profit in a year, 5% to 20% should be allocated as employee remuneration. Employee remuneration includes year-end bonuses, and the calculation of year-end bonuses is determined based on the company's operating performance achieved in the current year.
  • We also implement an annual performance appraisal system for employees, and flexibly adjust the bonus based on the company's operating conditions for the year and comprehensive consideration of personal salary, performance appraisal, rewards and punishments, employment period and other factors.
  • There are measures for employee rewards and punishments, and a clear and effective reward and punishment system is established so that employees can follow them.



  • Bonus

1. Year-end bonus/employee dividend 2. Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival gifts 3. Birthday gifts

  • Insurance

1. Labor and health insurance 2. Occupational disaster insurance 3. Group insurance for employees 4. Group insurance for dependents (100% of children’s premiums are borne by the company) 5. Accident insurance

  • Leisure type

1. Hiking, road running, mountain climbing and other leisure activities 2. Parent-child family day 3. Department dinner 4. Birthday party 5. Social activities

  • Institutional type

1. Meal allowance 2. Introduction bonus/patent bonus 3. Complete education and training 4. Smooth promotion pipeline

  • Equipment category
  • Subsidy category

1. Breastfeeding room 2. Fitness room 3. Multi-functional sports room (billiards, fitness, yoga)

  • Subsidy category

1. Wedding bonus 2. Maternity allowance 3. Community subsidy 4. Education and training subsidy 5. Hospitalization payment

  • Childcare

Preferential measures for cooperation with childcare centers

  • Others

1. Health examination for new employees 2. Regular health examination for current employees 3. No salary deduction for hospitalization and sick leave 4. Recognition activities for senior employees



  • In accordance with the Labor Standards Act, our company has established a Labor Retirement Reserve Supervisory Committee to retain the portion of seniority applicable to the old system for employees who continue to choose to apply for the old system pension system, and for existing employees who choose the new system for pension system. The "retirement reserve fund" is set aside and stored in a special account of the Trust Department of the Bank of Taiwan. As of December 2023, the accumulated amount of this labor retirement reserve fund is approximately NT$60.06 million.

When employees meet the retirement conditions stipulated by laws and regulations of the company, they can retire in accordance with the company's "Employee Retirement Management Regulations".